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Ljubljana, 10 May 2023 – SIJ Acroni, as a steadfast member of the GREMO Mission (GREen MObility), is making a significant contribution to strengthening the position of the Slovenian automotive industry as one of the European centres for the development of green and sustainable mobility by investing in increasing our production capacity and developing new technologies in the field of electrical steels. When the CRNO line refurbishment is completed in 2024, it will be able to produce around 85,000 tonnes of electrical steel, or around 10% more than it can currently produce. Yesterday it was confirmed by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia that the direction of SIJ Acroni’s strategy is the correct one and that it is in line with the sustainable trends of the entire SIJ Group. As a prime example of how economy, science, and the state can work together, the EU recognised the importance of the GREMO project two years ago, and yesterday EUR 200 million in funding was secured to restructure automotive industry by 2027.

SIJ Acroni is Europe’s third largest producer of stainless steel quarto plates and a major producer of additionally heat-treated special steels. It is also increasingly establishing itself as a producer of non-oriented electrical steels, the consumption of which is growing significantly with the rise of e-mobility, especially in the automotive industry. The development of non-oriented electrical steels with improved electromagnetic properties is one of the most important strategic goals of SIJ Acroni, the largest company in the SIJ Group.

SIJ Acroni, together with key representatives of the Slovenian automotive supplier industry, science, and government, is engaged in the GREMO (GREen MObility) mission to transform the automotive industry in a green and digital way. The importance of GREMO was recognised by the state two years ago, and yesterday, at the GREMO strategy meeting, the state secured EUR 200 million in funding towards a sustainable transition and a carbon footprint reduction for automotive industry by 2027. Of course, the GREMO consortium members also have their own funds to help finance the proposed projects. “SIJ Acroni is committed to the development of the most demanding non-oriented electrical steels for electric and hybrid vehicles. With a  development strategy and investments to support it, we continue on this path by taking decisive measures. In 2024, we plan to complete a major investment project, worth a total of EUR 16.5 million, to upgrade the CRNO production line, which will enable us to produce around ten per cent more electrical steel, which already boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world," said SIJ Acroni’s CEO Branko Žerdoner.

Non-oriented electrical steels, joined under the SIWATT brand, are the most important materials used for electricity transmission in energy-efficient electrical appliances. They are integrated into the magnetic cores of electric motors, generators, and transformers, and their future lies in hybrid and electric cars. SIWATT electrical steels have excellent soft magnetic properties. They are also characterised by good magnetising ability, high permeability, low coercivity (i.e. the property of ferromagnetic materials to resist external demagnetisation), and low magnetic losses.

SIJ Acroni uses 100% recycled steel scrap for the processing of all its steel. It uses a special, environmentally friendly sandblasting technology to process electrical steel. In this process, the by-products – steel abrasive residues and oxides – are remelted to make new products. Thus, the production of the new electrical steel is another step forward in the push towards turning the industry green, which is an important goal of the SIJ Group. It plans to confirm its sustainability credentials by obtaining certification to the stringent ResponsibleSteel standard by the end of 2023.




SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group is one of the leading producers of stainless steel and special steels in Europe. We are committed to global and European climate goals and operate in line with circular economy principles. With our steel and steel products, we are the right partner for facilitating the green transition in Europe. We aim to confirm our sustainability credentials by achieving certification to the stringent ResponsibleSteel standard by the end of 2023. This will position us as one of the most responsible and sustainable steel producers in the world. Our two largest companies are modern recycling steelworks, and our steel is recycled because it is made from steel scrap. With more than 3,800 employees, we are one of the largest employers in Slovenia and a pillar of the Slovenian steel sector. We are one of Slovenia's leading exporters. About 85% of our revenue is generated in foreign markets.


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