ITER - CCIS's Award for Best Innovation

Unlocking the Future of Green Nuclear Energy with SIJ Metal Ravne's Golden Innovation


In the heart of innovation lies a groundbreaking development that is set to reshape the future of energy production. SIJ Metal Ravne has unveiled its remarkable achievement: the creation of special steels and superalloys designed specifically for the ITER fusion reactor project. These materials, namely SINOXX 4980 superalloy and austenitic stainless steels SINOXX 4404 and SINOXX 4541, have been engineered to meet the most stringent energy sector regulations, positioning SIJ Metal Ravne as an official supplier for the ITER project. But what exactly is this monumental undertaking, and why is it crucial for the future of our civilization?


The ITER project is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It entails the construction of the world's largest experimental thermonuclear fusion reactor, known as a tokamak, with a diameter exceeding 30 meters. Within this reactor, the process of fusion will take place. Fusion, the same process that powers our very own Sun, involves the merging of heavy hydrogen nuclei, deuterium and tritium, resulting in an immense release of energy. It is a nearly limitless and environmentally friendly source of green electricity, representing the future of modern civilization, as it essentially brings the power of the Sun to Earth.


But harnessing the power of the Sun on Earth comes with its own set of challenges, primarily, dealing with extremely high temperatures. How is it possible, you may wonder, and what role does SIJ Metal Ravne play in this ambitious endeavor?


For the ITER project, SIJ Metal Ravne has developed three distinct grades of steel and superalloys, tailored to meet the stringent energy sector regulations. This endeavor involved overcoming various challenges, including ensuring the precise chemical composition and structure of all three materials. Furthermore, due to the immense scale of the reactor, these materials had to meet the demands of oversized forged blocks, capable of withstanding temperatures of at least 250°C. Remarkably, SIJ Metal Ravne is the sole company in Europe to have successfully achieved this feat, securing its place on the official supplier list for the ITER project. This achievement not only opens doors for further collaboration in larger-scale projects but also establishes a strong foothold in the green nuclear industry.


"Sustainability" is a buzzword in today's world, and SIJ Metal Ravne's innovation truly stands out from a sustainability perspective.


Our innovation is unique because it has enabled us to produce oversized forgings with significantly enhanced material properties. In the case of SINOXX 4980 superalloy, we have pushed the boundaries even further. Not only have we met material specifications up to 250°C, but we have also exceeded them by a remarkable 100°C, reaching a staggering 350°C. This marks a monumental leap in temperature resistance, especially given the already substantial dimensional challenges we faced. As a result, the machinery components crafted from our materials will enjoy a significantly extended lifespan. This directly contributes to sustainable resource utilization and a reduced carbon footprint for the society we inhabit.


In conclusion, SIJ Metal Ravne's golden innovation for the ITER project is not merely a testament to our engineering prowess; it's a leap toward a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for humanity. As we continue to explore the possibilities of nuclear fusion, SIJ Metal Ravne stands at the forefront, pioneering solutions that are set to shape the course of history. Welcome to the dawn of a new era in energy production, where the power of the Sun resides on Earth, thanks to SIJ Metal Ravne.