SITHERM 2343R steel confirmed to meet NADCA specifications

In January 2022, SIJ Metal Ravne received confirmation that the SITHERM 2343R (W.Nr. 1.2343, H11) steel for heat treatment meets the criteria of NADCA (North American Die Casting Association).

The final report from the Element Materials Technology laboratory, which SIJ Metal Ravne received in January 2022, confirms that SITHERM 2343R steel meets the specifications of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). This makes SIJ Metal Ravne an approved supplier of the specified steel and the company will be publicly listed among confirmed manufacturers in the next edition of the NADCA #207 standard.

The confirmation of the steel's compliance with NADCA specifications builds trust among existing customers and enables us easier entry into the most demanding toolmaking, automobile, and other industries.

The statement of compliance of SITHERM 2343R steel with NADCA

About SITHERM 2343R steel

SIJ METAL Ravne is Europe's third largest manufacturer of tool steel. Its SITHERM brand integrates leading varieties of tool steel for treatment at increased temperatures and heat treatment. The varieties are used for dynamic loads when shaping and processing both nonferrous metals and steel.

SITHERM 2343R steel is among the most commonly used types of tool steel in the European market and makes up a significant share of SIJ Metal Ravne's output.


The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) is a professional association of the die casting industry and issues instructions for the testing of steel and its acceptance criteria, namely its microstructure, homogeneity, and impact toughness.