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Ljubljana, 10 November 2022 – On the occasion of its outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, SIJ Acroni, a part of SIJ Group, donated EUR 9,300 to Jesenice General Hospital for the little heroes of the Pediatric Department. The funds will be used to purchase a microconvex probe for a head ultrasound of newborns and infants, which is urgently needed by the youngest patients, an examination light for the infectious diseases admission department, and other needs. As a socially responsible company, SIJ Acroni focuses its care on the local community, within which it operates, and strengthens the steel bonds within it through many activities.

Recently, SIJ Acroni made several outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, including gold and silver awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Gorenjska Regional Chamber, and a silver award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at the national level. Therefore, while celebrating their excellent successes in the field of innovation, they decided to dedicate some of the funds to those who need them the most – the youngest patients of the Jesenice General Hospital. The donation was handed over to Jesenice General Hospital Pediatric Department management by a team of innovators from SIJ Acroni, who received the silver award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at the national level for the innovation "Development of a Wear Resistant Steel SIDUR 400 with Low Content of Alloying Elements", dr. Andrej Skumavc, Stanislav Jakelj, Jan Foder, dr. Danijel Mitrović, mag. Erika Bricelj, Metka Šuštaršič in Nataša Karo.

"We are truly delighted to be able to help the youngest patients. And in the way that is closest to our hearts – through our efforts and excellence in innovation and the innovation mindset that is deeply embedded in our company. With the same passion that we have for the development of our innovation activities, all members of the SIJ Acroni innovation team wholeheartedly believe that the donated funds will contribute to the successful treatment and better well-being of the youngest patients who are most in need of professional help," said dr. Andrej Skumavc, Head of the award-winning innovation team at SIJ Acroni. 

Benjamin Lukšič, Deputy Director for General and Business Affairs at Jesenice General Hospital: "We are delighted and grateful that SIJ Acroni has decided to donate funds to support our youngest patients. The funds will be used to purchase a much-needed microconvex probe for infant head ultrasound, which is urgently needed by our youngest patients, as well as for other needs in the department. We consider it particularly important that key stakeholders in the local area help each other, cooperate and connect, as this contributes to the development of our neighbourhood and can be an example of good relations in the municipality of Jesenice. We would also like to congratulate SIJ Acroni innovation team for the recent silver award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia at the national level."

Peter Najdenov, Head of the Pediatric Department, also expressed his sincere gratitude to the donors and gladly accepted the donated voucher, which will further improve the quality of treatment and ensure a higher quality of hospital care for the youngest children.



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